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October 30, 2016

A few more pics of the rut...

October 29, 2016

"Stuck in a rut"

 Phoenix park really is alive with deer right now.  This time of year is known as "the rut".  The male deer are all full of testosterone and are competing for the right to mate with the females.  It is almost eerie to be walking in the woods and hearing...

October 28, 2016

A young buck...

October 27, 2016

Phoenix Park in Dublin is really a special place.  I have loved getting to know this amazing city park.  At 1752 acres it is one of the largest city parks in all of Europe.  Believe me - it feels massive.  There are lakes, a zoo, the president's home, the US ambassador...

October 25, 2016

I have fallen in love with the wild deer in Phoenix Park.  I have been out several times just to watch and photograph them.... so I have decided that I'm going to be posting pics of them each day this week!  I hope you enjoy!

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November 14, 2017

November 9, 2017