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Established in 2004 - Irish Rain Photography is the collection of work by American Irish photographer Wallace Jones.

Born and raised in Alabama, Wallace Jones moved to Ireland with his wife - Dee - in the spring of 2003.  For thirteen years they called Connemara home and are now starting out on a new adventure with their cat - Gizmo- in Dublin.


Wallace's intense love of the Irish landscape, culture, and history continue to inspire and drive his love for photography.  His photographic work can be seen in publications and on display in the USA, Canada, and Ireland.

From Wallace and Dee:

"During times of homesickness and frustration the camera has helped us to see the beauty that is all around us. It has kept us looking and watching for that special spark that keeps Ireland beautiful. It is a reminder of just how blessed we are to be living here in this amazing place among so many amazing people. We have climbed countless rock walls, waded through many bogs, made countless stops and U-turns, and have even run from a few cows and sheep to take these pictures. We hope that these pictures might be a blessing to you and that they might give you a little glimpse at the amazing country and people of Ireland."


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