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Changes Come...

You may have noticed that things have changed around here (our virtual home on the web). It felt like it was time to clean house a bit and make some changes to the old website. I started the blog back in January of 2004. Back then I didn't even know what a "blog" was. In fact, I'm not sure that the term had even been created yet. Back in 2004 making a website was far more difficult than it is today. I actually taught myself how to read and write html code. That is how I built the website. Over the years the code got more and more complicated and messy. It got to the point that I couldn't even find things on my server or update certain pages. Needless to say - I was a little frustrated.

Fast forward to 2016...

The past nine months have been really hard. We have been faced with major changes with our work, families, and even with our home. It really is too much to sum up here, but let's just say that Dee and I have made a lot of changes... and all of them have been for the good. We have pulled up from our jobs and home of the last 13 years and have struck out on a new adventure together in Dublin. We made the move here back in May... but it is just now starting to feel like home... and we are happy. So - with the physical changes going on with us it felt like the perfect time to make some changes to the ol' website. Things here at are still very much in flux. I am going to be changing the website a lot over the next few weeks... One of those upcoming changes is that I am going to be posting more frequently. So... please hold on! More posts are coming soon!

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