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Fungie The Dolphin...

Beyond a doubt - the most famous resident of Dingle is a bottle nosed dolphin named Fungie. He came here with his mother back in the early 1980's and has resided in and around the natural harbor ever since. This incredibly friendly but completely wild dolphin is a 'must see' when visiting Dingle. Over the years I have seen him countless times... but I have never seen him this close up. On this trip to Dingle we did something that have never done before. We paid for a boat sightseeing tour to go out and see Fungie. I am SO glad that we did! It was a blast to go out and see the whole area from a different perspective! I think that we really lucked out with our tour. There are three companies that take people out on boats. The other tours seemed to actually only spend 30 min with Fungie. Our tour lasted almost and hour and half! As we watched the other boats come and go we all agreed that we had the best tour company! Here is a link to their website:

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