Deer Week... #3

October 27, 2016

Phoenix Park in Dublin is really a special place.  I have loved getting to know this amazing city park.  At 1752 acres it is one of the largest city parks in all of Europe.  Believe me - it feels massive.  There are lakes, a zoo, the president's home, the US ambassador's residence, polo grounds, football pitches, and tons of wooded areas.  In fact, about 30% of the park is wooded.  The best part, in my opinion, are the 400+ fallow deer that call the park home.  It is such a special place that the Irish government is currently trying to get UNESCO to name it as a world heritage site.  


When walking around the park you can almost forget that you are actually in the middle of a European capital city... that is - you forget until the trees clear and you get a glimpse of the growing city around you. 




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